Volpara at RSNA 2017

Volpara Tools Help Maintain Accuracy and Consistent Quality in Breast Screening

VolparaEnterprise Live!

VolparaLive!Volpara will introduce VolparaEnterprise Live!, a mammography quality control tool that provides the technologist with real-time, quality feedback at the gantry. It calculates the patient positioning score, dose, and compression pressure for each image within 30 seconds of acquisition. Designed to help technologists acquire consistent, high quality mammograms, VolparaEnterprise Live! will be shown for the first time at RSNA, South Hall #2571.

Subject to regulatory approvals, VolparaEnterprise Live! puts quality data in the technologists’ hands before the patient leaves the room. This helps optimize productivity, reduce costs through the reduction of retakes, and increase staff effectiveness.


VolparaEnterprise software delivers key performance indicators for hundreds of performance and quality metrics, including patient positioning, compression, and equipment utilization. The software provides continuous quality assurance and performance monitoring through dynamic, interactive dashboards. Updated with every mammography or tomosynthesis (3D mammography) exam, ConstantQuality metrics may help facilities comply with the FDA’s new EQUIP inspection program.

VolparaEnterprise DDP

Volpara will also showcase its new VolparaEnterprise DDP software. The VolparaEnterprise Clinical Applications software package offers access to VolparaDensity, VolparaDose and VolparaPressure, in a Software as a Service (SaaS) subscription model for the first time. Volpara will showcase its entire suite of quantitative breast imaging tools, which allow for personalized measurements of volumetric breast density, patient dose, breast compression and other factors designed to help maintain accuracy and consistent quality in breast screening. VolparaEnterprise Clinical Applications provide quick, automated assessment of every mammography and tomosynthesis exam and produces a Volpara Scorecard for every patient with VolparaDensity, VolparaDose and VolparaPressure.


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Volpara offers high-quality breast cancer screening solutions based on objective measurements of breast density, compression, and radiation dose. Please contact us below to schedule a demo at RSNA and see what Volpara can do for you.


Breast Imaging Quality Research Being Presented at RSNA

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